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When was the last time you sat down and said thank you? Do you save expressing gratitude for Thanksgiving Day? Or do you embrace an attitude of gratitude in your daily life? A few years ago, it [more]
It's been a while since I've shared a recipe with you. So, today I'm sharing one of my absolute favourite breakfast recipes. Chia seeds are tiny, but they pack a powerful nutritional punch. I' [more]
How many times a day do you ask someone a question? How many times a day are you asked for something? How many times a day do you try to express what you want, but find that the other person [more]
  Three years ago my life was a lot different than it is today. I was in my last year of my Bachelor of Science. My dreams of being a doctor and working with Doctors Without Borders wer [more]
The morning is extremely important, it sets the foundation for your entire day. How you choose to spend your morning can predict how your day is going to go. Every day is a fresh start, a new [more]
I've always loved reading. Growing up books were my way of escaping reality. The adventures of the students at Wayside School were way more interesting than life at my own school. Or the fasci [more]