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When I think about the holiday season it never fails that I start thinking about the scene in Home Alone where they realize that they've overslept. The mad rush to get out of the house and to the [more]
I've been described as a worrier by several people at various points throughout my life. And at times I've even identified myself as a worrier. Worried about how I did on exams and essays. Worr [more]
  Last month the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I completed my health coach training, hosted an incredible conference in New York. Even though I wasn't able to attend live, I [more]
It's no secret that I love my dōTerra Essential Oils. I carry them with me everywhere and have them all around my house. What I never imagined though was that I'd discover so many incredible [more]
Let's talk sugar and the seemingly insatiable sugar cravings that plague nearly all of us. It's addicting and it's everywhere. The obvious: cakes, cookies, muffins, ice cream, candy, chocolate [more]
Photo Credit: I've had issues with sleep for years. In university, I would stay up late writing papers or cramming for exams. I'd only go to bed after I finished everything be [more]