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I'm an immense animal lover, anyone who knows me can attest to this. Dogs, cats, bunnies, cows, sheep, goats, horses....I love all animals (well maybe not snakes, rats or cockroaches). In a lo [more]
All too often after meditation or during yoga or while journalling it will dawn on me (or I'll finally admit to myself) that I have something or someone in my life that I need to let go of. Let [more]
Have you ever felt stuck? Like you are wondering around living your life, only it feels wrong. You shouldn't be where you are. You shouldn't live where you live. You shouldn't work where [more]
I am so incredibly excited to be posting my first blog on the new and improved! For the past couple months I've been dreaming of my new website. The colours, the fonts, the [more]
This past weekend, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition hosted an incredible conference in New York City. I wasn’t able to go to NYC, but luckily I was able to view the event via livestream [more]
In the morning, before I've even opened my eyes I recite a positive affirmation out loud, I do some simple stretches to gently ease my back into wakefulness and I apply essential oils to my feet, [more]